What We Do

Heading out on our fishing vessel, we leave from 16 Paradise Parade Paradise Point. Fishing the broad water for 4 hours either from 8am – 12pm or 12pm – 4pm, we use various baits which catch various fish in the many different locations we go to. On board our tours we go out and learn what fish can be found where and what the ideal bait is to use in that area to bring in our fish of choice in that area. Some of baits we use are:


Pilchards are good bait to catch and chase after your bigger fish such as Trevalley and Mangrove Jack, buts that not to say it won’t catch other fish. Pilchards will also catch fish such as Flathead, Bream and Sweetlip


Squid is great during Snapper season as its one of their favourite baits to eat. It is also a fantastic bait to use for shovel-nose shark and Queen Fish. Also a great bait as it does not fall off the hook easily and could potentially use it to catch multiple fish before changing to the next squid.


Prawns are a great bait to use in the broadwater. Most fish in the broadwater eats prawn and can catch multiple species on it. Fish we have caught on prawns during any given tour are; Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Trevalley, Sweetlip, Snapper, Moses Perch and many more.

Beach Worm

Beach worm is used as bait for our bottom feeder type fish, the fish that like to eat its food off the sandy bottoms. Worms are used to target mostly Whiting but are also good for Flathead and Bream.